Windrider Trimarans


Three models are available: the Windrider 16, Windrider 17, and Windrider Rave.

Windrider 16 


The Windrider 16 trimaran, designed by Jim Brown and built by Wilderness Systems in High Point, NC, is one of the most exciting new sailboats to enter the market in years. These multi-hull, user-friendly boats introduce the beginning sailor to the sport in a way never before possible. With the Windrider’s extreme stablilty (almost untippable), security, and basic controls, even the new sailor will be sailing swiftly and competently sooner than they could have imagined. Experienced sailors find a fast maneuverable multi-hull that provides a unique sailing experience. The Windrider’s light weight, slender lines, and wave-piercing hull design allow it to turn wind thrust into acceleration and forward movement. The wave-piercing hull allows for remarkable cruising speeds as it “knifes” through waves. The Windrider’s rotomolded polyethylene body weighs only 230 pounds, and it breaks down into three manageable hulls for transport and storage. The unassembled Windrider fits easily on the top of a car, and it’s a snap to assemble.


Windrider 17 



The new Windrider 17 trimaran was also designed by Jim Brown and extends the concept of the WR16. The mast is rotating and the mainsail is fully battened for added efficiency. An optional jib adds even more power and control.

The versatile WR17 is capable of long distance cruising with one or two persons, or just sailing around the bay with three people sitting comfortably in the two protected cockpits, and two others stretched out on the trampolines. Maximum capacity is 800 lbs. Most owners will want the optional trailer and jib.





Windrider Rave 


The Ultimate Performance Trimaran 

The Rave is the fruit of years of research and development by designer Sam Bradfield, and the production and marketing team at Wildnerness Systems. Like the Windrider, the Rave is a trimaran using rotomolded polyethylene hulls, but unlike the Windrider, the Rave rides on three retractable hydrofoils. The basic sailplan is a boomless mainsail and jib, which can drive the boat at speeds up to 40 mph in 15 to 18 knots of breeze. A bowsprit and screacher can be added for more performance if desired and to boost performance in light air. The Rave is sailed by only one person but can carry up to two persons seated comfortably in central kayak-style cockpits.

Deploy the hydrofoils and liftoff occurs at 8 to 12 knots of true wind speed, depending on crew weight. The boat then accelerates rapidly and all conventional sailboats are left far behind. The optional trailer and/or beach dolly are highly recommended.

For more information, check out the Windrider web site.