Client Comments

Windcraft sells used Corsairs


Note received after helping a customer sell his Corsair

Don I can’t tell you how much we appreciated your advice, guidance and physical
support throughout the process of selling the boat.  Your efforts in
explaining and clarifying issues and questions were tactful, direct, and I
believe went well beyond any expectations the sellor or the buyer could
have had.

Glenn’s Impossible Dream – F-31

Take delivery on a brand-new Corsair-31on Monday and start a family cruise to the Keys on Friday?

“You’ll never make it” everyone said. “You’ll need a couple of months to get a new boat ready for a trip like that.” When Glenn’s new center-cockpit Corsair  31 arrived in Atlanta on Monday, March 18, Windcraft took on the challenge of helping Glenn to realize his goal. Don Wigston went to work immediately to add a remote control for the autopilot, remote access mike for the VHF radio, solar panel and regulator, stern rails, and a GPS antenna. The nets couldn’t be delivered from the manufacturer to Corsair in time to meet the shipping schedule, so they were sent to Atlanta and installed by Don along with the other after-market gear.

Glenn arrived on Tuesday night with fire extinguishers, docklines and fenders. On Wednesday, Don continued with new gear installation while Glenn installed the VHF radio and a GPS chartplotter and overcame blustery winds to attach the boat’s name. Adios! was shaping up.

On Thursday, Glenn and Don towed Adios 50 miles to Lake Lanier, launched her, raised the mast, bent on the sails and finished checking everything out as local Corsair 31 Ultimate Cruiser owner Frank Hankins arrived. Adios breezed through a glorious maiden voyage in 15+ knots of brisk spring wind while Glenn got familiar with the boat and tallyed a long list of do’s and don’t’s and go-fast tips on his handheld computer. At the end of the day the boat was derigged, loaded on its trailer, and towed back to Windcraft. Glenn and Don took a break for a hot meal left for them by Don’s wife Karlene and then jumped back into the installation projects. On Friday, after a few last minute tasks, Glenn met his wife Ann and their son Brian and daughter Ann at the airport and headed south for Key West. Adios!

Two days later another brand new Corsair 31 pulled in from the factory in California, but that’s another story.

After the Key West – Dry Tortugas Cruise


The trip was great. Ann did about 25% of the driving with the trailer including the last hour in heavy rain. She also handled the boat several times during anchoring, raising & lowering the main etc., so she is becomming a real pro. Brian was steering while Ann watched the (re-calibrated) kt meter hit 19. Did some snorkeling, beach walking, shelling, bird watching, explored Ft Jefferson, saw a pack of 15 baracuda while anchored at Loggerhead Key, saw a 6′ shark while attempting to snorkel on the Windjammer wreck. Stevie saw a 1′ long live conch shell walking across the bottom at Ft. Jeff sea wall. Saw sharks and rays feeding on the reef, and luminescent jelly fish under full moon at Marquesas Keys. A great trip for all hands.

Thanks for your help and excellent service on this great boat, Don.