Multi 23 Trimaran

Windcraft is excited to offer the brand new Multi 23 trimaran, conceived and designed by the legendary French designers Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prevost. VPLP Yacht Design is famous for their ORMA 60 high performance ocean racing trimarans, and the around the world speed record machines such as Groupama, Banque Populaire, Sport Elec and Geronimo, in addition to the BMW/Oracle 90 ft trimaran built to challenge for the America’s Cup. The Multi 23 sport trimaran is a lot smaller than the typical VPLP designed boat, but incorporates a lot of their hallmark performance enhancing features. The Multi 23 is ultra light (less than 700 lbs all up), ultra fast and ultra affordable. For less money than a tippy Melges 20 sportboat you can have a boat that is bigger, lighter, more comfortable, faster, safer, and can be sailed easily single handed or raced competitively by only two people instead of 3 or 4.Features of the Multi 23:

  • modern, state-of-the-art design and rigging
  • vinyl ester/PVC foam core construction
  • solid glass construction below the waterline
  • high volume amas (floats) with massive reserve buoyancy forward
  • beam 15′ 6″
  • kick up centerboard (1′ 4″/4′ 4″ ft draft)
  • deep high aspect ratio kick up lightweight carbon rudder and tiller
  • lightweight carbon beams with exceptional under wing clearance
  • lightweight aluminum rotating wing mast (33ft)
  • self-tacking roller furling jib
  • optional roller furling screacher
  • optional asymmetrical spinnaker for racing
  • large waterproof storage locker in bow accessed via a water tight hatch at front of cockpit; side storage bins in cockpit
  • can be sailed or raced with only two; room for many more for pleasure sailing
  • easily demountable for trailering; single handed mast raising and lowering
  • costs less than and outperforms any comparable boat on the market

Click here to download a report (PDF file) of our recent exciting weekend in California test sailing two of the first Multi 23s to hit North American waters (September 15, 2008).  Additional information including specifications and photos can be found at Call 404.307.9121 or e-mail for additional details.


Multi 23 Tri

The new Multi 23 Trimaran – more details coming soon


Reserve your spot now if you want a Multi 23 this year. The first few container loads are already sold out, but we have one boat still available. We are so confident that you will like the Multi 23 that we will gladly refund your deposit ($2,000) if you decide that you don’t want it after you get a demo sail. No risk = no brainer!
Click here or on “Multi 23 image gallery” menu button in the left menu for full specs, sail areas etc., and photos and videos of the Multi 23 in action.
Prices (subject to change):
  • Base boat $28,900 (includes all running gear, tramps, centerboard, rudder, carbon rudder housing, carbon tiller handle, two carbon tiller extensions, aluminum rotating wing mast  with aluminum boom, stainless steel mast rotation control bar, Harken 8:1 mainsheet, self-tacking jib track and car (Harken) with Karver blocks, jib sheet, PBO standing rigging, 2:1 main halyard, continuous jib halyard, Karver KF-1 headsail roller furling system.
  • Dacron mainsail and jib: $2995
  • Pentex/mylar mainsail and jib: $3350 (by Sail Innovations)
  • Racing sail option: main and jib $4950 (by Smyth Sails or Calvert Sails)
  • Reacher/Spinnaker Control Kit: Internal low stretch halyard, upper exit sheave and fairlead, Spinlock PXR sheet-stopper at lower exit, sheets (no blocks): $600.
  • Continuous line reacher furler (Facnor FX900) with furling line spliced: $675
  • Non-continuous line reacher furler (Harken 435): $225
  • Screacher: $1900 (Smyth Sails)
  • Code Zero (in lieu of screacher and spinnaker): $2000
  • Asymmetrical spinnaker: ~$1850 (Smyth Sails)
  • Motor mount: $150–you mount
  • Outboard motor, Honda 2 hp (weighs only 27 lbs): $1150
  • Road Trailer, aluminum frame with steel torsion axle, 14″ wheels with tires, bunks for main hull and floats, lights and wiring harness, tongue jack and mounting bracket for front mast support. Customer assembles (bolt axles and bunks on, mounts lights, tongue jack, front mast support bracket) and registers the trailer as home-built: $1990
  • winch for trailer (mounted): $100
  • Beach dolly, 4 wheel beach dolly for beach launching: price to be determined
  • Other options such as lifting bridles, blocks for sheeting screacher and spinnaker, soft shackles, lashing loops for blocks etc available on request