Windcraft Multihulls specializes in multihull sailboats, both catamarans and trimarans such as the immensely popular Corsair trailerable trimarans, the exciting Multi 23 sports trimaran, and the new SeaRail 19 trailerable trimaran. Windcraft Mulithulls is located on the Emerald Coast of the Gulf of Mexico near Destin in Northwest Florida. Windcraft is owned and operated by Don Wigston, a long-time Corsair trimaran owner and racer, so Windcraft knows Corsair boats inside and out. In addition to the full Corsair line-up, Windcraft also offers high-performance cruising catamarans from TRT Multihulls in Norway–such as the TRT 1200. In addition, we offer two fuel efficient trailerable POWER catamarans built in Poland – the Motorcat 30 and Motorcat 29.

In addition to our lines of new multihulls, Windcraft always has a good selection of previously owned sailboats. We focus primarily on used  Corsair trimarans, including discontinued models such as the F-27, Corsair 24/F-24, Corsair 31/F-31. In addition we typically have a good selection of non-Corsair boats, including various Farrier-designed trimarans such as the F-25C, F-25A, F-9A etc, some smaller and more affordable multihulls such as the Weta trimaran, from time to time various larger cruising cats and tris, plus the occasional used power catamaran.

The mission of Windcraft Multihulls is to provide our customers with the best possible service before and during the purchase phase as well as throughout their ownership period. To that end Don is available by phone seven days a week, evenings included, for advice and assistance. We offer a full line of replacement parts for Corsair trimarans, replacement sails, custom-built high performance rudders and daggerboards, replacement nets and trampolines, furling systems for jibs, screachers and spinnakers, and synthetic rigging from the industry leader Colligo Marine. We also offer one-on-one sailing lessons and coaching at any level from beginner to full-on racer, as well as group sailing clinics.

And if the time comes around to sell your precious multihull, or trade up or down, Windcraft is here to help you get the most value out of your boat and to make the entire process as easy as possible for you. Being a relatively small company we don’t have a huge yard full of boats identical to yours, deteriorating in the sun. We try to stock only one example of each model so that yours will get our full attention as well as that of any potential buyers. And we can provide secure indoor storage for your boat while its for sale. We often have buyers looking for particular models so please call us if you decide to put yours on the market, because we may already have a buyer.

Windcraft Multihulls–Don Wigston
120 Point Comfort Rd., Mary Esther, FL 32569
tel 404 307 9121/toll free 877-385-9979; e-mail:



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